March 6, 2006

C3D 07 - New Labeling Feature

Alas, we may be able to put the debate on whether to label in layout (paper) or model space. This is one of those topics that we could argue til the cows come home. But I think with the new label feature, within Civil 3D 2007, we could have the answer. This new feature allows a user to create their own notes or labels that contain any type of text. You can edit the text similar to the way you edit Mtext or Dtext. Just type it in. As with other labels is Civil 3D, we can have the text plan readable and size according to our viewports. Another great feature is the ability to mask labels in 2007. No more having to position text so that it is not obscured by any other feature on your plans. This is one of those options that Autodesk should add to "vanilla" AutoCAD.